The Crew 2 All Street Racing Photo Ops Locations (Pics Or It Didn't Happen Trophy/Achievement Guide)

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If you're trying to hunt yourself down the platinum/1000 Gamerscore, or just looking for a quick and easy method to make money and followers, this guide will help achieve both of those things!

In The Crew 2, each family of racing (Street Racing, Freestyle, Offroad and Pro Racing) features multiple sets of photo ops to complete offering $15,000 Bucks and 2000 Followers for each photo you take - with a total of 92 to complete.

To complete a photo op, you will need to visit the Activities tab of the pause menu. Inside each of the four families contains a Photo Album at the end with three categories each. Click on a photo op to pin it, then follow the objective(s) it requires to complete it (You will know this when the objective nearby is grey and in photo mode turns green). 

(NOTE: This guide is still incomplete, and there are photo ops from this list which will be absent as they are not location-based and can be taken anywhere on the map at any given time.)

Street Racing Discipline:


  • Perfection: A HYPERCAR is all you need to feel at home.
  • Jump Around: Jump with any DRAG RACE vehicle:
  • Drifting in the Rain: Drift under rain with any DRIFT vehicle.
  • Round & Square: Perform a Donut in Times Square (New York / Midtown) with any vehicle. 


  • Midnight Rush: Two vehicle using Nitro by night.
  • Camaro Night: Showcase the CHEVROLET CAMARO ZL1 STREET RACE at night, burning.
  • Express Delivery: Drift through the Dragon’s Gate in San Francisco with any STREET RACE vehicle.


  • Guilty: The Auburn’s Courthouse. (north-east of San Francisco)
  • Wrecked Ship: Just an old, wrecked ship, south of Lake Erie. (east of Detroit)
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  • Ghost Church: Calico’s Church looks in decent condition for a ghost town parish. (south of Las Vegas)
  • Unisphere: The Unisphere in the Flushing Meadows of Corona Park. (New York) 
  • Hot Chocolate: After a day of Skying, we used to relax and enjoy the view from that Inn. (north-east of FREESTYLE HQ)
  • Room with a View: The Fermont Banff Springs Hotel dominates Ivory Springs Valley. (north)
  • Cruise in Paradise: Panoramic around Key West’s Cruise ship. (south of Miami)
  • Gas Station: Just an old Gas Station near Black Mount. (south of Las Vegas) 


  • Golden Gate Bridge: Take a photo of the Golden Gate Bridge. (San Francisco)
  • Lady Liberty: Take a photo of the green lady. (New York) 
  • Foggy: The Queensborough Bridge, emerging from the fog. (New York)
  • Capitol: Take a photo of the Capitol. (Washington)
  • Strip: Las Vegas Strip by night.
  • Pentagon: Take an aerial photo of the Pentagon. (Washington)
  • Piggy Bank: Take a photo of the top of the US Bank Tower. (Los Angeles)