The Crew 2 All Freestyle Photo Ops Locations Guide (Pics Or It Didn't Happen Trophy/Achievement Guide)

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If you're trying to hunt yourself down the platinum/1000 Gamerscore, or just looking for a quick and easy method to make money and followers, this guide will help achieve both of those things!

In The Crew 2, each family of racing (Street Racing, Freestyle, Offroad and Pro Racing) features multiple sets of photo ops to complete offering $15,000 Bucks and 2000 Followers for each photo you take - with a total of 92 to complete.

To complete a photo op, you will need to visit the Activities tab of the pause menu. Inside each of the four families contains a Photo Album at the end with three categories each. Click on a photo op to pin it, then follow the objective(s) it requires to complete it (You will know this when the objective nearby is grey and in photo mode turns green). 

(NOTE: This guide is still incomplete, and there are photo ops from this list which will be absent as they are not location-based and can be taken anywhere on the map at any given time.)

Freestyle Discipline


  • Monster & Co.: A MONSTER TRUCK performing air trick in STORMX ARENA’s Playground. (east of New York) 
  • French Kiss: Fly through the Eiffel Tower Replica…head down! (Las Vegas) 
  • Over The Head: Jump over a FERRARI with a MONSTER TRUCK
  • Top Notch: Fly through the Notch on the West Mitten Butte. (near OFFROAD HQ)
  • Not a Scratch: Perform a close brake with another player… in a MONSTER TRUCK.
  • Against The Flow: Jump the North Woods Waterfall (north of New York) in a POWERBOAT. 
  • Like A Breeze: Fly through the Wind Turbines near Big Bend (west of Dallas) with any AEROBATICS plane.
  • Vestige: Fly through the ruins North of Black Mount (east of Los Angeles) with any AEROBATICS plane.

King Of The Hill

  • King of Egypt: Yeah, you just need a Pyramid, to reach its top. (Las Vegas) 
  • King of The Plant: Stand atop of the Nuclear Power Plant silo (west of Chicago) with a Monster Truck.
  • King of the Rodeo: Take your MONSTER TRUCK and tame the biggest cow, North of Dairyland. (north-west of Chicago)
  • King of the Peddle: Overfly the PeddleWheel boat on Lake Superior (north-west of Chicago) head down at dawn with any plane.
  • King of the Graveyard: Fly harder than those planes in Big Land, with any plane. (south-east of Los Angeles) 
  • King of the Valley: Stand atop the highest Pole in Monument Valley. (south of OFFROAD HQ) 
  • King of Wall Street: Wall Street? Wall ride… with a MONSTER TRUCK (Financial District/New York) 
    (NOTE: This is a tough one to complete, the location I went to below made this very easy to complete.)
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  • Home: Reproduce a famous movie shot with the moon and… a bike, duh! 
  • Hover-1: Race in Long Island Speedrome (east of New York) on a HOVERCRAFT, baby!
  • Sail High: How far would a JETSPRINT jump from an official Ski jump? (north-east of FREESTYLE HQ) 
  • Wrecked Wheel: Another Wrecked paddlewheel boat on the bank of Mississippi. (west of Chicago)
  • Dino: Even Dinos go green in South Pacific. (Los Angeles/Santa Monica) 
  • Presidential Bath: Sail the Lincoln Memorial Reflecting Pool, in Washington
  • Bottom Up: Fly Inverted in the Grand Canyon (south-east of Las Vegas) 
  • Un-conventional: Bring your lil’ MONSTER TRUCK to Los Angeles’ Convention Center. (Downtown)