Without the Nobeds themselves, there wouldn't be... the Nobeds... sounded better in my head. Below you'll find out a little about each of us, and click on a person's photo to be taken to their own personal Twitter account to find out more.

Theo  - Grandmaster Pleb

The driving force behind BlackPanthaa and The Nobeds, Theo is the pretty much the lead. Obsessed with creating different and higher quality content. Has put literally months of play time into Grand Theft Auto Online and plans to keep doing so, also obsessed with Need for Speed...



Cory  - Lead Writer

Cory's top picks would be The Last of Us & LittleBigPlanet. Games that stand out from the crowd interest him more than your Call of Duty's and Battlefields, but there's always a place for those types of games too.




Meadow - Lead Designer

Head of art direction and user experience on the website. You'll also see her in some of the vlogs!




Matthew - Lead Video Person

A huge part of The Nobeds, Matthew is known for destroying the internals of your ears with his well known "ELLLOOOO". If there's a video with The Nobeds, it usually features the man himself.




Conor - Video Person

Conor loves himself a bit of Fifa. But that doesn't stop him diving into totally different games when something new comes around. Conor is our resident Scouser, he loves Apple products, and it is not unusual to see Conor buying a new pair of shoes.


Rahul - Video Person

Ever heard the Australian guy raging in the background of videos? I can with no doubt confirm that HAS to be Rahul. Has never lost at any game, on the rare chance he does... that was the games fault.



Akash - Video Person

Akash is known online as AkashV22. Someone had taken the name Akash and for some reason he found himself attracted in some way to the number 22. Akash hasn't bought a AAA game in about 90 years and hates DRM.