The Crew 2 All Offroad Photo Ops Locations (Pics Or It Didn't Happen Trophy/Achievement Guide)

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If you're trying to hunt yourself down the platinum/1000 Gamerscore, or just looking for a quick and easy method to make money and followers, this guide will help achieve both of those things!

In The Crew 2, each family of racing (Street Racing, Freestyle, Offroad and Pro Racing) features multiple sets of photo ops to complete offering $15,000 Bucks and 2000 Followers for each photo you take - with a total of 92 to complete.

To complete a photo op, you will need to visit the Activities tab of the pause menu. Inside each of the four families contains a Photo Album at the end with three categories each. Click on a photo op to pin it, then follow the objective(s) it requires to complete it (You will know this when the objective nearby is grey and in photo mode turns green). 

(NOTE: This guide is still incomplete, and there are photo ops from this list which will be absent as they are not location-based and can be taken anywhere on the map at any given time.)

Offroad Discipline:


  • Rush for More: Ever heard of Mount Rushmore? (west of Chicago)
  • Go East for Mitten: The East Mitten Butte is kinda Monumental in this Valley (near OFFROAD HQ).
  • Cape Cod Bay: Cape Cod Bay… just like a postcard (north-east of New York). 


  • Everglades: At the center of the Everglades park, stands this majestic Cypress (near Miami).
  • Niagara Falls: View of the huge Niagara Falls (north of New York). 
  • Meteor Crater: Aerial view of the Meteor Crater (south-west of OFFROAD HQ). ✓
  • Grand Canyon: Take a picture where the Canyon cuts the river (west of OFFROAD HQ). ✓

On The Edge

  • Dam’ High: Wheeling on the top of Folsom’s Dam with any Bike. (north of San Francisco)
  • Slippery: Stand at the Edge of Seaside Waterfall near White Mountains with a MOTORCROSS vehicle. (north of New York) 
  • Ivory’s Peak: Bring your PROTO BUGGY RALLY RAID vehicle on Ivory Spring Valley’s tallest iced peak. (north)
  • Mt. Moriah: Despite the lack of ring, riding its top is perfect for a RALLY RAID vehicle. (north of Las Vegas)
  • Pikes Peak: Ride the highest edge of Pikes Peak with a RALLY CROSS vehicle. (south-west of Chicago)
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  • White Mountains: Ride the top of the White Mountains with a MOTORCROSS vehicle. (north of New York)


  • Las Mountains: Climb the tallest mountain south east to Las Vegas, in RALLY RAID vehicle. 
  • Salty Peak: Ride the top of the mountain peak, North West to the Great Salt Lake, in a RALLY CROSS vehicle. 

Wild Life

(NOTE: Some animal locations can be anywhere across the map. For the sake of this guide, these were locations that I found them.)

  • Bear With Me: Look out for the bear.
  • Mangrove: Crocodile or Alligator, doesn’t matter. Just be careful!
  • Antler: Spot a Stag, my deer!
  • Befriend: Look out for a wild Ox.


  • Dance with Wolves: Find a Wolf, roaming in the snow. [NOT FOUND]
  • Flight of the Condor: Capture the splendour of the Condor!
  • Buffalo: This animal is used to be a Symbol of strength for the Natives. [NOT FOUND]
  • Coyote: As wild as it might get, this one won’t ask for a tip.
  • Pink: Pink seems to be the new obsession. Find a tall pink bird. 
  • Spirited: Mooses are seen by the Natives as a symbol of self-esteem and masculine energy.