The Crew 2 All Pro Racing Photo Ops Locations (Pics Or It Didn't Happen Trophy/Achievement Guide)

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If you're trying to hunt yourself down the platinum/1000 Gamerscore, or just looking for a quick and easy method to make money and followers, this guide will help achieve both of those things!

In The Crew 2, each family of racing (Street Racing, Freestyle, Offroad and Pro Racing) features multiple sets of photo ops to complete offering $15,000 Bucks and 2000 Followers for each photo you take - with a total of 92 to complete.

To complete a photo op, you will need to visit the Activities tab of the pause menu. Inside each of the four families contains a Photo Album at the end with three categories each. Click on a photo op to pin it, then follow the objective(s) it requires to complete it (You will know this when the objective nearby is grey and in photo mode turns green). 

(NOTE: This guide is still incomplete, and there are photo ops from this list which will be absent as they are not location-based and can be taken anywhere on the map at any given time.)

Pro Racing Discipline

Official Track

  • Laguna: Aerial view of Mazda Raceway Laguna Seca. (north of Los Angeles)
  • Little Eagle: Aerial view of Little Eagle Speedrome. (south of Detroit)
  • Long Island: Aerial view of Long Island Speedrome. (east of New York) 
  • The Giants: Aerial view of The Giants Race Track. (north of San Francisco)
  • Golden Hills: Aerial view of The Golden Hills Race Track. (south of Las Vegas)
  • Miami: Aerial view of The Miami Race Track. (east of Miami)


Pro Line-Up

  • Proto Water: Photo of the PROTO OFFSHORE MK2 POWERBOAT.
  • Grand Tour: Photo of the Aston Martin Vulcan TOURING CAR. (PRO RACING ULTIMATE)
  • Another Edge: Photo of the Zivko Edge 540 V3 AIR RACE.
  • Stylissimo: Photo of the FERRARI 488 GT3 TOURING CAR.
  • Powerboat Line-Up: Photo of 2 POWERBOAT boats, including the VECTOR V40R
  • Air-Race Line-Up: Photo of 2 AIR RACE planes.
  • Seal Crew: Photo of 2 PRO RACING vehicles, covering SEA & AIR

Elite Pilot

  • Head Start: Perform a burn at the starting grid of Little Eagle Speedrome. (south of Detroit)
  • Low Blow: Fly above the finish line of The Giants Race Track (north of San Francisco) with an AIR RACE plane.
  • Central Show-Off: Fly in High Speed above Central Park (New York) with an AIR RACE plane.
  • Overtake: Overtake another player on the Jersey Racing Track. (west of New York)
  • Mountain Pass: Exit the tunnel toward Jackson Hole Valley (west of Chicago) at High Speed.
  • Cruise ‘N Go: Touch And Go on Key West’s Cruise ship (south of Miami) with any plane.
  • Under the Bridge: Fly Under the bridge near State Prison (north of Detroit) with an AIR RACE plane.
  • Slipstream: Perform a Slipstream with another player of Key West bridge (south of Miami) with a TOURING CAR.