Rumour: Red Dead Redemption 2 Leaks Include Battle Royale Mode, New Online Details, Side Activities and More

Little is known about the upcoming wild west shooter Red Dead Redemption 2 other than it was recently confirmed for a Late October release date. However, if new information from TrustedReviews is to be believed, we may now know a whole lot more of what Rockstar has cooking under the radar.

Firstly, new details have emerged regarding Red Dead Redemption 2's online component, which will be a very similar experience to Grand Theft Auto V's 'GTA Online'. Red Dead Online will supposedly provide far more depth over GTA Online, with an example being that NPC's will decorate storefronts during the day and pack them up come nightfall. 

Purchasable houses return in the form of tents that can be bought and upgraded in the open-world, as well as black market shops to purchase equipment from, rewards for completing specific tasks, and Free Events which can be set up outside of playlists to start spontaneous treasure hunts and deathmatches.

Activities from GTA Online also return, with gold-mining, fishing, herding and weapon challenges stated as some of the many players can partake in.


Most interestingly is three game modes that will be featured in Red Dead's multiplayer, which according to notes provided to TrustedReviews, are a Battle Royale mode, 'Revive and Survive' and 'Money Grab'. While unsure what the alleged Battle Royale mode will be like, expect it to be something very similar to games like PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds and Fortnite. 

As for Revive and Survive and Money Grab, Revive and Survive is a mode which pits two teams of players against each other with limited revive times before players and eliminated, while Money Grab features two teams fighting to collect money bags at a specific location and deliver them to their base.

TrustedReview's report also lists a slew of new information on gameplay features, including the return of Eagle Eye and the Morality system from the original game, with details on first person perspective returning from Grand Theft Auto V, horse-riding challenges, fishing, new vehicles, player choices and choice-driven narrative, random events and much more. 

Take all this information with a grain of salt mind you, but considering previous documents received by TrustedReviews source have been ended up true, we're confident this new information is the same. You can go read the full article for more information here.

What do you make of these rumors, and how do you think a battle royale mode would work in Red Dead Redemption 2? Let us know down below. 




Source: TrustedReviews