Notmycar Is A Vehicle-Based Battle Royale Game That Mixes PUBG With Rocket League


The Battle Royale genre exploded with mainstream popularity last year, with the success of PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds on PC and Xbox One followed by free-to-play shooter Fortnite late last year. It caught the gaming community by storm, with developers such as Rockstar implementing their own Battle Royale mode into Grand Theft Auto Online and even Ubisoft expressing an interest in the genre for some of the publisher’s future titles. However, it seems notmycar might be one of the most interesting takes on the Battle Royale genre we’ve seen yet.  

Developed by NMC Studios, Notmycar is a purely vehicle-based battle royale game, which follows the same basic formula you expect from a battle royale game, but gives it an almost Twisted Metal mixed with Rocket League take on the genre with its empathsis being on vehicular combat as opposed to typical human combat.

Players will battle it out either solo or in teams on an island playground scavenging supply caches that are scattered around searching for armour plating and roof-mounted weaponry, all the while being forced into a tiny playzone by an ever-shrinking circle, in hopes of becoming the last car standing.


Players will have plenty of options in the arsenal to fight with, such as rocket launchers, snipers, hood-mounted shotguns and more. If camping's more your style, turn off your engine and hide behind cover with mines ready to explode the enemy as they drift around the corner. Repair kits and shields grant the player with health and protection, with gas stations available to repair your ride but leave you vulnerable for an attack.

Notmycar also features extensive customization for vehicles. Each match will earn players points, which can then be spent on customization options including paint-jobs, bumpers, rims, flags, antennas, hood ornaments and more. The developer plans to add more customization to the game over the course of it's development.


The title was recently revealed by YouTube Content Creator and Streamer, Greenskull, who is a game consultant for Notmycar. You can view his one and a half hour long debut stream of the game down below, showcasing several matches and customization in its current pre-alpha state.

Developer NMC Studios are also currently accepting sign-ups over on the official notmycar website for a Pre-Alpha Test on PC, with codes expecting to go out sometime this weekend. You can sign up here if you're looking to get in and try the chaotic vehicular shooter for yourself.

From the pre-alpha gameplay, it's certainly peaked my interest even if it still has a long way to go, and looks like a very fun game to play for gamers that enjoy games such as Rocket League and Twisted Metal and are interested in diving into the battle royale genre. 

Notmycar is coming to PC sometime in 2018, with no official release date, pricing details or plans for a console release at this time. We will be sure to keep you updated on any of latest news.