Watch Dogs Legion's Story Features Over 20 Different Versions of the Script


Watch Dogs Legion already sounds like an extremely ambitious title, with the ability to recruit and control any NPC wandering the near-future post Brexit city of London, each with their own unique voice, animations and skill traits. However that doesn’t seem to be the only aspect about Legion that’s equally ambitious, the narrative is as well.

During a recent interview with EDGE, Watch Dogs Legion’s creative director Clint Hocking discussed how the characters you recruit into Dedsec impact the story and the games cutscenes. According to Hocking, Legion features over 20 different versions of the story’s script, meaning that the story and cutscenes can differ drastically depending on your characters and the outcomes of a mission.

"There’s no dude on the box who’s there to start all the cinematics and the people you recruit are just the supporting cast. There are 20 different versions of Legion’s script and I don’t just mean people saying the same lines. We’re talking different characters, different personas, different voices, different acting"


Hocking also discussed the technology behind their systematic algorithm which brings each individual member of London society to life. For starters, no two characters will sound alike as each voice in the game will be modulated, even if certain characters are voiced by the same voice actor and have a similar personality.

Watch Dogs Legion is also using photogrammetry, a game development technique used to create realistic objects based on real world photo data. Hocking explained how the team used the technique to capture dozens of different faces which have then been combined using innovative animation techniques to produce thousands of different and unique character heads.

It’s almost unbelievable how ambitious Watch Dogs Legion sounds and how the Ubisoft Toronto team is managing to pull this off, hopefully the final product will live up to the expectations.

Watch Dogs Legion is set to release on March 6th 2020 for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PC and Google Stadia, with multiple collector’s editions which allow for three day early access.

[Source: GamesRadar]