The Crew 2 Celebrates First Anniversary With Limited Time Discounts and Reward Boosts


Later this week it will have been one year since Ivory Tower’s MMO “CaRPG” sequel The Crew 2 hit store shelves, and to celebrate, the studio have a bunch of things planned for the next week including limited time vehicle discounts and rewards.

From June 26th to July 3rd, there will be numerous vehicles promotions running in-game, with one of the first being a 99% discount on the 1965 Chevrolet Corvette C2. Once the anniversary week begins, this car will cost as little as ONE Crew Credit, or 7 Bucks… its practically free!

A selection of seven other fantastic rides will also be discounted each day of the week for 30% off. You can check out the list for yourself below:


In addition to this, during this week LIVE Reward Crates will spawn much more frequently than usual in the open-world, with LIVE Reward crates dropping substantially better loot quality.

Ivory Tower have also curated a special anniversary PvP playlist based on their favourite events in the game. It will be available in the Live Battle Mixed queue starting on June 26th and run until June 29th. However for the duration of the whole week, the number of followers you earn in Live Battle and the weekly PvP reward have been doubled - the perfect excuse to get out there and grind this 2xp week to try earn some more ICON vehicles!

Ivory Tower have been very committed to The Crew 2 over the past year, providing two new vehicles each month and three mini-expansions jam packed with content and community-requested features available to everyone at no extra charge.

We look forward to what Ivory Tower does with The Crew 2 for Year 2, which we reaaaallly hope is another Wild Run-esque paid expansion!