Ubisoft Teases Watch Dogs 3 Again, Hints At New Protagonist


Ubisoft appears to once again be hinting at the existence of Watch Dogs 3, with a recent Reddit post showing possible hints from the company towards the next games' protagonist and hacktivist group.

Back in April, first hints emerged from Ubisoft's Virtual Assistant 'Sam', who accidentally confirmed Watch Dogs 3 was in development when asked about its existence. Ubisoft have since then changed the response Sam gives when queried about a possible third entry in the franchise.

However, it seems Sam's responses to Watch Dog 3 questions have recently changed. Reddit user u/Cakebytheocean02 asked Sam "If you don't know, who will?" which managed to garner a very cryptic response.


Many have speculated that this tease hints towards Dedsec being “They” and the main protagonist for the next Watch Dogs game being “He”. It’s worth noting that the updated ending of Watch Dogs 2 featured a cutscene explaining that Dedsec and new hacktivist groups are popping up across the globe, so it may not be Dedsec that Sam is referencing in this response.

Ubisoft have been strongly hinting at a new Watch Dogs game for awhile now, with signs currently pointing towards the game being set in London based on coordinates also found in Watch Dogs 2’s updated ending cutscene.

With no new Assassin’s Creed title launching in 2019, there’s a high chance Watch Dogs 3 may release this year and fill the Fall period void for Ubisoft, much like Watch Dogs 2 did in 2016.

What do you make of this new possible Watch Dogs 3 tease from Ubisoft’s Virtual AI Sam? Let us know your thoughts down below, and stay tuned for any future Watch Dogs 3 news that we may find.