Ubisoft Accidentally Confirms Watch Dogs 3 Is In Development


April has been full of Watch Dogs 3 related teases, with a deleted tweet from the official Watch Dogs twitter ominously teasing something and an April Fools hacking joke allowing access to the admin console of the uPlay launcher, however Ubisoft's own virtual assistant may have spilled the beans confirming Watch Dogs 3 is in development. 

In January, Ubisoft launched their own AI Virtual Assistant called Sam - designed to help answer questions relating to titles in Ubisoft's catalog, akin to something like Siri and Alexa, which is currently available in beta and only accessible in Canada. 

YouTube Channel UbiCentral discovered that if you ask Sam about Watch Dogs 3, he will offer the following response: 

Watch Dogs 3 is not finished yet, but from the last early build I tried it’s very solid. The Dev team works wonders! Can’t wait for you to try it!


While Watch Dogs 3 is yet to be officially announced by Ubisoft, this automated response programmed into Sam could be one of the biggest signs yet that Watch Dogs 3 is in development, either being a response added to Sam earlier than expected ...or a big troll from Ubisoft themselves.

Ubisoft seems to alternate Watch Dogs and Assassin's Creed releases each year, and with Watch Dogs 2 launching in 2016 and Assassin's Creed Origins in 2017, it's a fair assumption to make that Watch Dogs 3 will launch sometime later this year. 

Ubisoft recently announced their E3 press conference time, which will kick off on Monday 11th June at 9pm GMT. While The Division 2 and The Crew 2 are confirmed showings, we expect this will be where an official announcement of Watch Dogs 3 will be made. We will keep you up to date with any news that comes our way regarding any Watch Dogs 3 rumours, leaks and official announcements.