The Division 2 Features 8 Player Raids and Free DLC Expansions


The Division 2 had its first proper gameplay reveal yesterday during Microsoft's E3 press conference, however earlier today during Ubisoft's press conference, new information was revealed about the The Division 2's setting, gameplay, and endgame content. 

Creative Director Julian Gerighty took to the stage to reveal new details about the upcoming open world shooter. For starters, The Division 2 is set in Washington DC but takes place seven months after the 'Black Friday' bio-attack that occurred in the first game, focusing on civilization's struggles to rebuild with the virus all but entirely wiped out. 

The Division 2's map is much larger than the first game, with Washington DC being 20% larger than Manhattan. The map will feature much more variety with several new biomes such as an  abandoned residential area, flooded city area, and abandoned locations where nature has taken over.

Upon completing The Division 2's main campaign and reaching the level cap, new progression paths will be unlocked for Agents to select, each with their own signature weapons: a crossbow, a 50-cal sniper-rifle, and a grenade launcher.

Two of the biggest announcements Julian revealed were that Raids will be coming to The Division 2 which can be played with up to eight players, and that throughout Year One, three "episodes" will be added to the game every three months, which will be free for everyone (similar to The Crew 2's post-launch DLC plan).

The Division 2 will be hosting a Closed Beta for PS4, Xbox One and PC sometime closer to launch, which you can sign up for over on The Division's website. Official details about what content is in the beta and when it will release will be announced in the future.

BlackPanthaa recently went hands-on with The Division 2 and described the gunplay feeling much improved over the first game based on his experience, and will be a game that The Nobeds will be playing for months after launch with free post-launch content.

The Division 2 launches next year on March 15th 2019 for PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC.