The Crew 2 PC Requirements, Features and Wheel Support Revealed


The official PC requirements have been revealed for The Crew 2, alongside some PC-exclusive features as well as confirmation of wheel support, with a list featuring an assortment of official driving wheels supported on release.

Much like any other title available on PC, the PC version will feature a host of key features exclusive to that version. These key features include:

- 4K (UHD) and Ultra-wide 21:9 aspect ratio support
- Mouse and keyboard full support
- Input device auto-switch and extended gamepad support (DirectInput/XInput) 
- Multi-monitor support (up to 3 monitors) 
- Auto-setting detection, video presets and custom options
- Driving wheel support

If you're more curious what type of rig you'll need to experience The Crew 2 on PC, either at bare minimum or its highest possible settings, check out the picture below to find out the Minimum and Recommended configurations: 


The Crew 2 at the time of release supports a selection of NVIDIA and AMD cards, with standard advanced video settings including resolution, window modes, FPS limit and V-Sync, in addition to typical customizable presets such as geometry, shadows and textures. You can find out more over on the official The Crew 2 website.

The Crew 2 officially supports numerous controllers types, including Mouse + Keyboard, Xbox 360/One/One Elite controllers, Dualshock 4 and Steam Controller.

Wheel and joystick support has also been confirmed for the PC version of The Crew 2, with a total of 28 driving wheels and joysticks supported made up of Thrustmaster, Logitech and Fanatec. You can check out the full list below:


A ton of information has been released about The Crew 2 over the last week, with our own exclusive coverage on Customization, Apartment Spaces, Progression and a ton more. For our previous The Crew 2 coverage, check out our dedicated The Crew 2 section in the Games tab.

The Crew 2 launches on June 29th for PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC, or three days earlier on June 26th for purchasers of the Gold or Motor Editions. The Crew 2 Closed Beta begins on May 31st, which you can find out all the content available in the Beta here