The Crew 2 Closed Beta Date Announced, Full Beta Content Revealed

Ubisoft have revealed the official date for when players can take part in The Crew 2's upcoming Closed Beta, as well as detailed what content players can expect to try out when it launches.

The Crew 2's Closed Beta will kick off at the end of this month on May 31st and run for five days on June 4th, and is available to those who sign up on either PlayStation 4, Xbox One or PC via Uplay.

If guaranteed access to beta, you will be emailed a code and begin preloading the Closed Beta on May 29th from 8am UTC / 10am CEST / 4am EDT, with the beta beginning on May 31st from 8am UTC / 10am CEST / 4am EDT. Invites will also contain three extra codes for friends to redeem and join in with you on the adventure.

The Crew 2 development team will also be hosting a celebration livestream the day prior on May 30th at  4pm UTC / 6pm CEST / 12pm EDT which you can watch on their Twitch channel. Be sure to tune-in to the stream as Beta keys will also be given out if you did not recieve access.


In terms of what content the Closed Beta offers, the entire first hours of The Crew 2 experience will be able to played. Players can play through the first few events of each of the four racing disciplines as well as the first Fame Level, Rookie. For more info on the Four Disciplines and Progression system, check out our exclusive coverage.

The Closed Beta has NO restrictions for those wishing to free roam, with the entire open world available to explore with no loading times or barriers. Pick your favourite ride, cross the US alone or with friends and share your best journey memories on social media using #TheCrew2!

The full The Crew 2 line-up of vehicles are available in the Closed Beta, meaning players can access everything from bikes, supercars, boats and planes...provided there's enough time in the Closed Beta to unlock the high level vehicles.


All participants of The Crew 2 Closed Beta will also unlock a special reward to use in the final game - an exclusive Leather Jacket for customizing your character, which will be available in your inventory on June 29th. For more info on Character and Vehicle Customization, check out our exclusive coverage.

If you have not signed up for The Crew 2's Closed Beta, there's still time to do so by visiting the official The Crew 2 website's Beta signup page!

We have a TON of exclusive coverage on The Crew 2 we'll be releasing over the next few days and weeks, so stay tuned for that! For our previous The Crew 2 coverage, check out our dedicated The Crew 2 section in the Games tab.

The Crew 2 launches on June 29th for PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC, or three days earlier on June 26th for purchasers of the Gold or Motor Editions.