The Division 2 and "Unannounced Title" Will Release By March 2019


A recent earnings report from Ubisoft has revealed that the upcoming online open-world shooter The Division 2 will be launching before the end of the current financial year, meaning we can expect to play The Division 2 before April 2019.

Ubisoft confirmed in their earnings report that three new AAA games will launch in the current fiscal year - The Crew 2 (launching on June 29th), The Division 2 and an unannounced franchise title, with no current release dates announced for either titles. Skull and Bones, announced at E3 last year, has also been delayed to later in 2019.

While information about The Division 2 is scarce, the title was officially revealed back in March 2018 and will most certainly have a huge presence at Ubisoft's E3 Press Conference next month. 


Information about the other "unannounced franchise title" is unknown, however there are two possible candidates based on recent rumors and leaks: Watch Dogs 3 and a new Splinter Cell title. 

If either Watch Dogs 3 or a new Splinter Cell are the unannounced title, they will most likely launch in November this year, with The Division 2 most likely launch in March of next year - competing with EA's own shared open world shooter ANTHEM

Time will tell , and with E3 under a month away, we will be sure to keep you up to date with all the latest The Division 2 and Ubisoft related news that comes out of the press conference.