The Crew 2 Features Apartment Spaces, In-Depth Customization and Photo Mode


Back in April we reported that from a recent Eurogamer preview, Apartment spaces will be coming to The Crew 2. BlackPanthaa has visited the Apartment Space with his recent private hands-on preview coverage and explored whats on offer inside the Apartment space, acting as a new space to hang out, socialize and customize your vehicles. 

Customization is a big feature in The Crew, and it's returning bigger than even in The Crew 2 with not only car customization this time around, but character customization as well. Your character can be customized in multiple different ways, with shirts, gloves, helmets, pants, shoes and suits to select from. 

Car customization still remains the primary focus of The Crew 2, with much more parts on offer than The Crew and slight new features including picking brake caliper colours. Check out BlackPanthaa's video below as he customizes a Skyline R34 GTR. 

Your Apartment space can also be customized and upgraded as you progress through the game. When you reach a certain Followers level, you will be able to upgrade the interior of your apartment. Check out another article we did for more information on the Followers system and progression.

Photo Mode is also returning in The Crew 2, with a slew of new and improved features for the savy photographers out there, which you can also view in BlackPanthaa's video above.

We have a TON of exclusive coverage on The Crew 2 we'll be releasing over the next few days and weeks, so stay tuned for that! For our previous The Crew 2 coverage, check out our dedicated The Crew 2 section in the Games tab.

The Crew 2 launches on June 29th for PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC, or three days earlier on June 26th for purchasers of the Gold or Motor Editions.