Gran Turismo Series Achieves New Milestone, GT Sport Sales Numbers Revealed

Gran Turismo™SPORT_20180303194448.png

Polyphony Digital recently held the first Gran Turismo Sport World Tour event at Germany’s iconic Nürburgring, made up of 30 top GT players across Europe competing in a series of races. During this event, Polyphony gave an update on the Gran Turismo series' sales figures, revealing an interesting new milestone for the series.

The Gran Turismo series as whole has now surpassed 80 million sales worldwide, with the number now sitting at an impressive 80.4 million. The last sales update from Polyphony was in September 2017, prior to the release of Gran Turismo Sport, with the series sitting at 77. 02 million


Based on these new sales figures and with Gran Turismo Sport launching a month after the previous figure, that would roughly put Gran Turismo Sport's current sales at a total of 3.38 million units. However, the official amount of Gran Turismo Sport's sales is unknown until Polyphony officially reveals it. 

Polyphony Digital have since updated their website to reflect the new May 2018 lifetime sales figures, removing the previous sales figures from their website (pictured above courtesy of GTPlanet).

The updated website also states the new total is made up of copies sold-through (to consumers) whereas previous lifetime totals were believed to be shipped (to retailers), possibly indicating that Gran Turismo Sport's sales figures could be higher than 3.38 million. It is unknown whether digital sales are made up of this total also.

GT Sport still has a long race ahead of it, currently sitting at 1.84m units behind GT6 - the lowest selling mainline title in the Gran Turismo series - however with new vehicles and tracks still promised for the future, GT Sport still has a long live ahead.