Rumor: Forza Street Coming to Nintendo Switch


Forza Street, the recently-released ‘Forza mobile’ title currently available for Windows 10 devices, may also be coming to the Nintendo Switch alongside its iOS and Android release later this year if a new rumour is to be believed.

The rumour comes from our friends at AR12Gaming, who received evidence in the form of a snippet of Forza Street’s source code, featuring various mentions to the Nintendo Switch in addition to the iOS and Android releases.

You can check out the code snippet below:


It’s no secret Microsoft has a growing relationship with Nintendo, with the publisher recently putting the critically-acclaimed Microsoft exclusive ‘Cuphead’ and various rumours of expanding their catalogue of titles to the switch including titles such as Halo, Ori and The Blind Forest and more.

While Forza Street isn’t exactly the most appealing Forza title fans would want ported to Switch, it makes sense considering the platform’s portable, pick-up-and-play nature perfect for a quick racing experience. It also just wouldn’t be possible to get a game like Forza Horizon 4 on the Switch either.

Would you be interesting in playing Forza Street on Nintendo Switch? Share your thoughts on this rumour below!

[SOURCE] AR12Gaming