Need for Speed Heat's Multiplayer Might Support 16 Player Lobbies


With the reveal of Need for Speed Heat yesterday, we’ve yet to hear any solid details regarding most of the features in the game. However, if a pre-order page is to be believed, it looks like Multiplayer in the game will be getting a major player increase over the previous games.

Spotted over on Reddit by u/KubowskiPL, visiting the Need for Speed Heat preorder page on the PlayStation Store shows that the game will allegedly have support from 2-16 online players. You can find an image of the page in question below:


What’s interesting is if you visit the Need for Speed Payback page, it specifically mentions support for 2-8 online players (which it did), so perhaps this could be a sign towards Need for Speed Heat’s multiplayer seeing a much-needed player count boost this time around.


It’s worth mentioning that preorder pages like these aren’t always accurate, especially once a game has only just gone up for pre-order. If you head to the Microsoft store to preorder on Xbox, it mentions support from 2-12 players instead.

Time will tell if Ghost have put a much larger empathsis on online multiplayer this time around, which is something we recently discussed on our Need for Speed 2019 Wishlist Series leading up to the reveal, which you can read more about here.

Need for Speed Heat launches later this year on November 8th for PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC, or three days earlier for Origin Access Premiere subscribers. If you’ve missed any of our previous Need for Speed Heat coverage, be sure to find more from our dedicated Need for Speed Heat section in the Games tab!