Need for Speed Heat Reveals Engine Swaps, Crew System and More In New Gameplay Trailer


EA have debuted a first-look at Need for Speed Heat gameplay, including footage from Day Events, Night Events, Cop Chases, Customization and more!

You can check out the new gameplay overview trailer revealed during gamescom: Opening Night Live for yourself down below:

Highlighting the trailer is the various new features coming to the game, such as customizable characters, a crew system, engine swaps, a new paint system, and even a brand-new companion app launching today (!) to get yourself stuck into.

Starting with the new companion app, 'NFS Heat Studio' allows players to create and design their own cars which can be imported into the full game when it launches this November. You can find a more detailed overview of the app, including the AR experience, exclusive rewards and more HERE!


Performance Upgrading has since a major overhaul from Payback, this time around reverting to the tried-and-true method of purchasing/unlocking upgrades as you progress - with you required to reach a certain REP level to unlock parts.

In Heat, there are four main categories for parts: Engine, Chassis, Drivetrain and Auxiliary. The Engine section includes six subsections for parts including Turbo and Exhaust, while Chassis and Drivetrain have three subsections of parts and two in Auxiliary. What part types you through on your car will tune it into a specific class, which is represented by a dot on the grid icon.

For the first time ever, Engine Swaps are coming to Need for Speed! Not much is revealed in the trailer, more of a ‘blink and you’ll miss it’, however with Gamescom kicking off this week, we’ll be going hands on with the game to find out more!


Part Rarity and Car Levelling appear to be making a return from the last two entries, with higher end parts required to your car boosting your car’s level (which appears to max out at 399 just like in Payback). From the trailer there appears to be FIVE Part Rarity levels: Stock, Pro, Race, Elite and Ultimate. There are also shots of Pro+ and Elite+ parts, which could be perk parts awarded for completing certain races.

Exhaust Sound Tuning is a brand-new customization option being added into NFS Heat. This time around, not only will you be able to throw on your choice of Exhaust, but can customize how it sounds for a selection of sliders. These include the Tone, Timbre, Overrun and Resonance - guaranteeing each player will have their own unique exhausts for backfires and bangs!


Exhaust Sound Tuning isn’t the only new customization option, Character Customization is making a debut in Need for Speed Heat aswell! Players will be able to select their own male or female avatar and customize them to their liking with an assortment of clothing and accessories from real-life brands including Adidas, Akcel, Givenchy and many more!

Need for Speed Heat will also feature a Crew System, where you can create your own crew with friends and other players. You'‘ll be able to design your own unique Crew Emblem and Clantag, which will be displayed in your garage and above your car in races. Your crew members vehicles will also be displayed in your garage, where you can view their showcase car, character and ‘Racer Challenges’.


Need for Speed Heat will also be revamping their livery editor with a brand-new Paint Engine! This time around, you’ll be able to add special effects into the paintjobs of your cars, including small and large flakes, carbon fibre, chameleon, iridescent and more!

That’s all for now, throughout the week BlackPanthaa and I will be going hand-on with Need for Speed Heat straight from Gamescom, so expect tons of exclusive coverage and gameplay covering very very soon! Be sure to check out BlackPanthaa’s breakdown on the new trailer for yourself below!

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Need for Speed Heat launches on November 8th 2019 for PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC, or three days earlier for Origin Access Premiere subscribers. If you’ve missed any of our previous Need for Speed Heat coverage, be sure to find more from our dedicated Need for Speed Heat section in the Games tab!