Need for Speed 2019 Will Feature Bigger Focus on Cops and Street Racing


While Ghost Games have been quiet about the next entry in the Need for Speed series, new information from EA has reconfirmed that the title will definitely release later this year and that the new title will have a much larger focus on street racing and cops.

Earlier today, EA held their fourth quarter fiscal 2019 earnings call which detailed many of the company’s financial earnings across all their titles and services over the last three months, including releases such as ANTHEM, Apex Legends and Battlefield V’s Battle Royale mode Firestorm, and outlining their plans for their next fiscal year.

During the earnings call, Electronic Arts CEO Andrew Wilson reconfirmed that a new Need for Speed game will be available on consoles and PC this year and that the title will ‘revitalize’ the street racer vs. cops gameplay which the franchise is built upon.

Need for Speed returns to consoles and PC this year, revitalizing the street racer vs. cops fantasy at the core of the franchise.

- Andrew Wilson, CEO Electronic Arts


Further in the earnings call, the publisher outlined that the next Need for Speed will launch in Q3 (October-December) of the fiscal year and that they expect to sell 4 million units, in line with past performance of the franchise.

While some may fear Wilson’s statement might suggest the title will return to the Hot Pursuit/Rivals style gameplay with both playable street racers and cops with weapons, Need for Speed’s Community Manager Ben Walke has already confirmed on Reddit the next Need for Speed will be more in line with Need for Speed (2015) in terms of what fans can expect from the next game.

This ‘new information’ is common sense, as EA have already confirmed a new Need for Speed this year and expected it to launch around November as per usual, however it is reassuring to hear it plans to revitalize the street racer vs. cops fantasy. Payback definitely fell short in this area with lackluster pursuits limited to Bait Crates, and lacked the illegal Street Racing vibe of 2015.

With EA Play kicking off in exactly a month from now, we should expect the first teaser for Need for Speed 2019 sometime this month, so stay tuned for all the latest Need for Speed 2019 news - including our Need for Speed 2019 Wishlist and Expectations in the next few days!

[Source: Electronic Arts]