Three Unannounced Ubisoft Titles Will Release Before March 2020


With E3 starting in a little under a month, rumours and leaks are bound to leak upcoming game reveals. However, Ubisoft themselves seem to have officially confirmed Watch Dogs 3 might in fact be releasing later this year.

Earlier today, Ubisoft revealed their 2019 fiscal earnings revealing new details about their current catalogue of games, though most notable was that the French publisher plans to release three new unannounced titles before the end of Q4 of the current fiscal year (January - March 2020).


What these three games will be remains a mystery, however we’re fairly confident one of which will be the highly rumored Watch Dogs 3. From current rumours, Watch Dogs 3 will ditch the American setting and make its way across the pond to London, featuring a new customizable character with a larger empathsis on hacking gameplay, and focus on smaller firearms and knives combat.

Insider sources claim Watch Dogs 3 will launch later this year, with the report stating all three unannounced titles will release before the end of Q4, however its possible each will launch between January - March 2020. Releasing big AAA titles in the early months of the year is not uncommon for Ubisoft, with The Division, For Honor, Far Cry 5, Ghost Recon Wildlands and more releasing in February/March of the past few years.

At this point, we’re almost positive we’ll see Watch Dogs 3 at Ubisoft’s E3 Press Conference this year and we absolutely cannot wait to finally see the game in action. But what about the other two titles, what could they be? Will we finally see a new Splinter Cell game, or maybe even a Wild Run style expansion for The Crew 2? Share your thoughts what you think they may be below!