Gran Turismo Sport Requires Internet Connection To Access Most Features


Gran Turismo Sport is developer Polyphony Digital's first Gran Turismo outing since the PlayStation 4 launched almost four years ago, and its shaping up to be a promising title with tons of improvements over previous titles, built from the ground up. However, a recent PlayStation Blog detailing aspects from the upcoming title might have sparked some cause for concern - Gran Turismo Sport requires a persistent internet connection to access almost EVERY feature it'll offer.

β€œIn order to ensure fair racing for all, GT Sport will require an internet connection for the majority of functionality" the blog post states. "This connectivity requirement is to ensure that progress, car availability, and driver ratings are properly maintained at all times.”

Gran Turismo Sport does allow certain modes to be playable offline without an internet connection. These modes include "portions" of the Arcade Mode", including limited two-player split screen, single-player races on select tracks, and time trials. The rest of the game, however, will require an internet connection, with PlayStation Plus of course being a mandatory requirement in order to play online multiplayer events. 

This has since received many mixed opinions online from fans, in addition to Gran Turismo Sport also not featuring a single-player campaign present in previous titles, and replaced with several driving school events and challenges to complete.

Considering Gran Turismo Sport is the first game in the series to partner with the FIA and features constantly updating events players can participate in, with online championships based on Nation and Manufacturer, and live E-Sports channels to watch, it's not surprising why most features require an online connection in-order to play. However it is a kick in the face to fans of the Gran Turismo series who prefer the single-player offline experience and are also now not receiving a proper Gran Turismo campaign.

Gran Turismo Sport launches in one months time on October 17th exclusively for PlayStation 4. The game features PlayStation 4 Pro enhancements as well as functionality for Sony's VR headset, the PlayStation VR. Additionally, a limited edition Gran Turismo Sport console bundle will also be sold, including a customized 1TB PlayStation 4 Slim emblazoned with the iconic Gran Turismo logo on both the console and the Dualshock 4. Be sure to keep your eyes out for BlackPanthaa's Gran Turismo Sport content over on his YouTube channel during October!