Need for Speed Payback Build of the Week #8 - 1967 Mercury Cougar


This week’s Build of the Week has been revealed, showcasing a new look at a modified Mercury Cougar. The Mercury Cougar is another previously revealed car to be showcased on Build of the Week, with its first appearance in the Cops trailer, however this build shows the extent you can expect to go to when Need for Speed Payback releases in November.


This build has been set to off-road class - one of the five classes you can make your cars - complete with a bright blue wrap, wide stance and fenders, aggressive splitter, grille and spoiler, and some Fifteen 52 Tarmac rims in chunky off-road tires.

Down Below you can find images as well as this builds current modifications and both its stock and modified performance statistics. Additionally, if you want your own custom viewing angle of the Mercury Cougar, the Build of the Week post over on EA’s website includes a 360° view around the car for you to catch the perfect screenshot.

Off-road muscle cars aren’t all that common, but this week we have one in Fortune Valley in the shape of this ‘67 Mercury Cougar. Built to take on the rough and tumble of the desert this car has been jacked up and ironically equipped with some Fifteen 52 Tarmac rims wrapped in chunky off-road tires. The wider stance has been covered with some unique wide fenders which compliment the aggressive front splitter, grille and rear spoiler perfectly. A vivid blue wrap makes it stand out from the dry desert floor!

With only five more weeks of Build of the Week remaining, what cars are you hoping to see revealed on the next few Builds of the Week in a crazily modified fashion? Let us know down in the comments, and if you missed any of the previous builds, be sure to check them out down below!

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