Need for Speed Payback Build of the Week #7 - Jaguar F-Type R Coupe


This week's Build of the Week has been revealed, showcasing a new look at a heavily modified Jaguar F-Type R Coupe. The F-Type R Coupe is another previously revealed car to be showcased on Build of the Week, with its first appearance in the Customization trailer, however this build shows the extent you can expect to go to when Need for Speed Payback releases in November.


This piece of fine British elegance features uniquely designed body mods - custom designed by Ghost themselves - as well as front and rear camber, cut fenders, a louvered hood, and a big carbon spoiler, stylized with a unique design and matching green and pink Vorsteiner rims.

Down Below you can find images as well as this builds current modifications and both its stock and modified performance statistics. Additionally, if you want your own custom viewing angle of the F-Type R, the Build of the Week post over on EA’s website includes a 360° view around the car.

A Jaguar is usually seen as a classically understated British car, but for our build of the week we have transformed it into a crazy one of a kind drift car. We’ve kitted it out with some uniquely designed parts, cut fenders, louvered hood, carbon parts and a big carbon spoiler makes this one stand out from the crowd. One way to divide opinions is to cover the classically formed F-Type R in a crazy one off wrap and combine it with colour matched Vorsteiner rims. The ultimate rebellious statement.

With a car as new as the Jaguar F-Type R having seemingly plenty of customization options, most of which are custom designed, Ghost seem to be definitely remedying the issue fans had with Need for Speed (2015), where most modern cars had to little to any customization options. This offers the best of both worlds, including real world parts that were such a heavy focus of Need for Speed (2015)'s customization, but also offering unique and creative parts designed by Ghost for those cars too new or too exotic to offer tuner culture parts.

With six more weeks of Build of the Week remaining, what cars are you hoping to see revealed on the next few Builds of the Week in a crazily modified fashion? Let us know down in the comments, and if you missed any of the previous builds, be sure to check them out down below!

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