Skate 4 Potentially Teased by Mysterious Skate 3 Server Update


It's no secret that Skate 4 has been one of the most requested titles from EA this generation, from fans flooding EA social media comment sections with the title, to a tweet from an EA employee with the hashtag '#Skate4'. However, a new Skate 3 update has given fans of the skating series a reason to believe that Skate 4 is in development.

Fans have discovered that almost all of Skate 3's online features are mysteriously now back up and running. Online play in Skate 3 has always been available, however access to user-created content such as Skate Parks, Videos and Skaters, had been previously turned off in 2016 until it was suddenly brought back online today.

With Skate 3's online features suddenly returning just days before EA's E3 show 'EA Play' kicks off, could we potentially be looking at the first teaser for a new Skate game, with the official announcement coming this weekend?

Many could argue that this update was done for those playing Skate 3 on Xbox One via Backward Compatibility, however Skate 3 was added to the Xbox One Backward Compatible list almost two years ago in November 2016, so why would EA bring these features back now of all times?

Personally, a Skate 3 Remaster seems far more likely. EA launched their first remaster, Burnout Paradise Remastered, earlier this year, and we recently reported the studio behind it is currently hiring for a new project.


Given the size of the studio, we speculated that their next project will be another EA remaster, and with all of Skate 3's online services now mysteriously turned back online, that only adds more fuel to the speculative fire. 

Do you think EA has been listening to us all these years and are about to finally reveal either the long-awaited Skate 4 or a Skate 3 Remaster, or will they let our hopes get the best of us and lead us into disappointment? The EA Play Press conference begins on June 9th at 11am PT/7PM PST, with BlackPanthaa heading to the show this weekend.