Burnout Paradise Remastered Devs Hiring for New Project


The Guildford-based studio Stellar Entertainment, known for their most recent work remastering Burnout Paradise for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One earlier this year, are currently in the process of hiring for their next big project.

Four positions are currently available at the studio: Level Designer, Experienced Artist, Junior Artist and Junior/Graduate Programmer. While none of the jobs listed give any hints away as to what their next project is, could it possibly be a new Burnout game, another EA remaster or the studio's own original IP?

Stellar Entertainment were presumably commissioned by EA to develop Burnout Paradise Remastered, and with Burnout Paradise Remastered topping UK sales charts (something they like to boast in their job descriptions), its possible EA saw the demand for Burnout and tasked Stellar Entertainment in creating a new Burnout game. 

What helps back this assumption is the experience the studio has with the franchise prior to working on Burnout Paradise Remastered. Stellar Entertainment was founded by Paul Ross, who worked at Criterion Games for almost eighteen years and Three Fields Entertainment (also made up of Ex-Criterion developers) for two years. Chris Roberts, Stellar Entertainment's creative director, also worked at Criterion, as senior game designer on every major Burnout game and several Need for Speed games for eight years.


However, considering the studio's size, working on a AAA quality Burnout game is possibly out of the question. Stellar consists of nine employees based on their official website's team page, and with most AAA studios having close to a hundred, a new Burnout could be quite a hefty task for such a small studio. 

Realistically, the studio will most likely be attempting something much smaller in scope. EA originally had a negative stance towards remasters several years ago, stating they have no interest and time for them. With Burnout Paradise being the first EA game to be remastered (with tremendous success), it's even more likely that the team may be delving into the backlog of classic EA titles again and giving them a fresh coat of paint.

The Mass Effect Trilogy has easily been the most requested out of EA's revered franchises to see a remaster on current gen consoles and after the extreme disappointment amongst fans with last years Mass Effect Andromeda, a remastered Mass Effect trilogy could be the best way to win back fans.

What do you think Stellar Entertainment could be hiring for? Could it be another entry in the long-dormant Burnout franchise, will it be another remaster from EA's library of last gen greats, or could Stellar be producing their own indie IP? Let us know what you think their new project will be down below!