Sea of Thieves Final Beta Open to Everyone on Xbox One and PC This Weekend


Back in Late January, a closed beta trial was available for Rare's upcoming MMO pirate adventure game Sea of Thieves to those who pre-ordered.  Since then, the team at Rare have had several stress test weekends for those who participated in the closed beta trial, however this weekend a final beta trial is being tested before Sea of Thieves sets sail for release, and it's available to everyone on Xbox One and Windows 10 PC's.

This Final Beta is a much more finalized build of the game, containing more content than what was previously available in the recent Xbox One and PC stress tests. While the previous beta tests focused more on treasure hunting quests from the Gold Hoarder's Guild, the Final Beta introduces the second of Sea of Thieves' three main quest givers - the Merchant Alliance Guild.

Quests given from the Merchant Alliance will see players collecting animals from certain ports around the seven seas, such as chicken and pigs, then deliver them to the Merchant Alliance for a reward. You'll also be tasked with ensuring these animals are fed along the way back, all the while protecting yourself and any loot collected from any pesky pirates out there.

In addition, the final beta also introduce ship customization and Skeleton Forts - a horde mode style event where crews take down skeletal hordes of enemies for high amounts of treasure. These events are triggered when a skull beacon appears above an island, however all crews can compete in this event but only one will get the treasure.

We've played a ton of Sea of Thieves over the last month, trying out each weekend stress test and we cannot wait to give the Final Beta a try. Will you be giving Sea of Thieves' final beta a go now that it is open?

Sea of Thieves launches exclusively for Xbox One and PC on March 20th.