ONRUSH Features 100 Events, Co-op Campaign and 12 Player Multiplayer Support


Codemasters have revealed new details about ONRUSH's campaign mode, which will be fully playable either in Single Player or Co-op with an online friend. ONRUSH Community Manager Aaron Rook shared the news via the frequently-updated ONRUSH FAQ page over on the Codemasters Blog website. 

ONRUSH's single-player experience won't be slouching in the content department either, with "nearly 100 individual events" available at launch for players to compete in. These events will test your skills against AI drivers, and can all be played co-operatively with an online friend.

For the players who want to take their skills to the next level, ONRUSH will feature 6v6 competitive multiplayer, with 12 AI drivers in the mix as well. This means online races will feature a total of 24 drivers in a single match, proving ONRUSH's multiplayer is on track to being as chaotic and carnage-fueled as it's single player counterpart, if not more so!


Recently, we covered new details about ONRUSH's AI system, known as 'Fodder', which are vehicles with their sole purpose to create carnage and offer the player a chance to take them down for an instant hit of boost. Twelve of these vehicles will always be in the action, both in single-player and now online multiplayer. You can read up more about it here, as well as view some Director's Cut gameplay footage of the recent Stampede trailer - narrated by ONRUSH's Game Director Paul Rustchynsky. 

With the middle of March coming up, we're three months away from ONRUSH's launch, which releases on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One on June 5th - with an Open Beta planned some time in May. We'll be covering everything you need to know leading up to ONRUSH's launch, so stay tuned for the latest news and gameplay over the next few months, and be sure to leave your thoughts on ONRUSH down in the comments below!