Need for Speed Payback Adds Two New Cars, Free-Roam Cops, AllDrive Activities and More Tomorrow


Ghost Games have announced in an Under The Hood post over on the EA website that a new update will be coming to Need for Speed Payback tomorrow, and includes two new cars, free-roam Bait Crates and AllDrive Activities, along with several new extras.

The Pontiac Firebird and Aston Martin DB5 are the two new vehicles making their way into Fortune Valley. Be a bandit in the Pontiac Firebird Trans Am, or add a touch of British luxury to your garage in the form of the Aston Martin DB5. These vehicles can be purchased in any of the six car classes and can be turned into a Super Build upon reaching level 300. Both the Firebird and DB5 are purchasable DLC cars, and are both available as a stand-alone purchase.

Checkpoint and Time Restrictions have been removed from Bait Crates, now allowing for a more free-roam style experience when it comes to pursuits. These changes are very much similar to the Abandoned Cars Pursuit system, with a specified end point remaining in place but giving you the time and freedom to make your way there.  Bait Crate spawn rates have also been increased, and will now appear in greater frequency around Fortune Valley. 

AllDrive: Activities are the latest addition to Payback's ongoing free-roam updates, with this update including Drift Zones, Speed Runs, Speed Traps and Jumps now all being able to be completed online. Compete with friends and other players for the best drifts, jump distances and speeds in the AllDrive lobby.

New Events are being added to Need for Speed Payback, in the form of the Castrol Titanium Trials. The Castrol Titanium Trials are a series of brand new events for players to complete in Fortune Valley, and will automatically appear on your in-game map upon completing Chapter Two. These events will be located in Silver Canyon, Liberty Desert and Mount Providence. 


Lastly, Eddie's Skyline is being added to Need for Speed Payback, and will be available as a reward for everyone who has played both Need for Speed 2015 and Need for Speed Payback. This Nissan Skyline R34 GTR will be the first car making the jump from level 299 to level 399. Future updates will increase level limits from 299 to 399 for certain cars, but no further cars were announced at this stage.

Does this new update for Need for Speed Payback have you excited to jump back into the world of Fortune Valley now that new cars and events have finally been added to the game, or are you too busy trying to get your Criterion Elite license in Burnout Paradise Remastered? Let us know what you think of this update down below, and what future cars you'd like to see get their level cap increased from 299 to 399!