New Arcade Racing Game Teased by Ex-Criterion Dev


A new arcade racing game sounds to be in development over at Three Fields Entertainment, with studio founder Alex Ward teasing an announcement coming very soon.

The news comes via ResetEra in a thread titled 'What happened to the arcade racer?'. Interesting discussion has gone on in this thread, however Alex's most recent comment seems to indicate the studio is hard at work on a new arcade racing game.

I've been playing some "Burnout Revenge" on my 360 this week in fact. It's way too dark. Boy, did we get a few things wrong when it came to HD. But hey, it was the first HD title for a lot of us.

We're close to announcing some stuff, so stay tuned.
And this genre is far from 'dead' or 'has been killed' I know that.

Three Fields Entertainment are comprised of Ex-Criterion developers and have released three games since they were formed in 2014: Dangerous Golf, Lethal VR and Danger Zone. Dangerous Golf and Danger Zone are spiritual successors to Burnout's Crash Mode and focus purely on that element, however the studio seems to developing a game with an arcade racing element to it also.

While no other news has since been shared about Three Fields Entertaiment's new project, Alex Ward did mention earlier in the thread that he was going to share an image of what they're currently working on but couldn't upload one, possibly signifying that the project is further along than we know. 

When this possible new arcade racing project from Three Field Entertainment does eventually get an official announcment, we'll be sure to share the latest news and updates about it here.