Need for Speed 2019 Will Be Revealed Around Gamescom, EA Confirms


After what’s felt like years, we finally have official confirmation from EA when we can expect the reveal of Need for Speed 2019.

During EA’s recent quarter earnings call earlier today, EA CEO Andrew Wilson confirmed that the next Need for Speed is still on target to release during Q3 of EA’s financial year (Between October-December) and mentioned the company has plans to reveal the title “heading into Gamescom.”

“In addition to the franchises & live services that I've already mentioned, we’ll be delivering many other new experiences to players throughout the remainder of this year. We’ll take the wraps off our new Need for Speed game heading into Gamescom in a few weeks.”

This isn’t the most surprising of news, especially since the last time we heard about Need for Speed 2019, NFS Community Manager Ben Walke released an Under The Hood article mentioning that Need for Speed 2019 will not be at EA Play and hinted towards a Gamescom reveal.


However, whats most interesting is Wilson’s choice of words - “heading into Gamescom”. While it could just mean that the official reveal will be during Gamescom, his wording of that sentence has me believing Ghost might reveal Need for Speed 2019 in the weeks leading up to Gamescom, or at the very least tease it.

August is coming up fast, with Gamescom a little over three weeks away at the time of writing this post, so the wait for news during this Need for Speed drought is sure to end very, very soon!

In the meanwhile, leading up to the reveal we recently kickstarted our own Need for Speed 2019 Wishlist series - an in-depth discussion focusing on certain parts of the game we hope/expect to see in the final product - with our first part focusing on the Gameplay Mechanics and Gameplay Features live now for you to check it out!