Need for Speed 2019 Will Not Be At E3, Teases Reveal Plans


Ghost Games have officially confirmed that their upcoming Need for Speed title set to launch in 2019 will not be revealed during E3 next month, with new details of when we can expect its official reveal.

Need for Speed community manager Ben Walke released a new Under The Hood blog post, Need for Speed’s dedicated news blog series, over on the NFS Reddit detailing what the team are working on and their current plans for Need for Speed 2019.

With 2019 marking the 25th anniversary of the franchise, Ghost have got their eyes set on the future and seems to understand what the community expects from Need for Speed titles moving forward.

“We’ve got our eyes set firmly on the future. But even while focusing on the future – especially this year – we’ve also thought a lot about what NFS means to you, and perhaps more importantly what we hope it will mean as we move forward.”

The blog post outlines the critical role that cars and customization play in the Need for Speed franchise, in addition to many different culminating aspects which help define the unique NFS experience. These unique aspects, including customization, will continue to be at the heart of all future titles in the franchise and especially Need for Speed 2019.


Previous years have seen NFS teasers and reveals throughout May leading up to E3, however this year has been different with their social media channels being oddly silent. Ghost details in the article how they wish to change this reveal tradition, with a full reveal of the title planned later in the year with the goal to “deliver a truly memorable high-speed entry rather than a series of promotional events.”

Are you going to hear more about the next NFS title? Yes. Is it being released this year? Yes. Will we be doing anything in June? No. It’s as simple as that, but we wanted to give you a heads up before you started asking “where are you?” Our goal is to deliver a truly memorable high-speed entry into the 25 years of NFS, rather than a series of promotional events. The game matters most – a sentiment we bet you share with us. 

With that, know that we’re here, we’re building an amazing game that we can’t wait to show off, and the next time we talk, we’ll be packing our bags and heading south for the full unveiling. We’ll see you then.

While this may upset many fans expecting to get their first glimpse of the next Need for Speed during E3, this blog post proves that the team at Ghost understand this and are committed in ensuring this next game will be the best possible product they can deliver for the community, following the mixed reception of Payback.


So when can we expect to see Need for Speed 2019? The final paragraph makes mention that the next time we hear from them, the team will be “heading south for the full unveiling” which leads me to believe Ghost plan on revealing it during Gamescom in August - with Gamescom held in Germany, directly below Sweden where Ghost Games’ main studio is located.

August also marks the 25th anniversary of the Need for Speed franchise, with the original title launching on 31st August 1994, so its also possible the studio plans to celebrate the anniversary with their own dedicated event to reveal the next game.

Only time will tell, and while we have to wait longer than anticipated to get our first look at Need for Speed 2019, I’m sure it will be well worth the wait. BlackPanthaa also uploaded a video over on his channel detailing the news and when he anticipates its reveal, so be sure to check it out and share your thoughts down below!