The Last of Us Part II is 50-60% Complete, New Details and Gameplay Reveal at E3 2018


Earlier today, PlayStation hosted a The Last of Us Part II panel at their yearly PlayStation Experience conference, with key cast members such as Ashley Johnson (Ellie), Troy Baker (Joel) and game director Neil Druckmann taking the stage. While not much new information was released, no matter how hard host Hannah Hart would grill Druckmann for info, he did give a few small tidbits to help quench fans thirst.

The most notable tidbit of information he gave was the games current development progress, with what he estimates to be around 50-60% complete at this stage. He then confirmed that portion of the game is set in Seattle - a place many people have been speculating about online ever since concept art was released with the games announcement last PlayStation Experience.

Lastly, he confirmed that the next time we'll see The Last of Us Part II will be at E3 2018, with what sounds to be a gameplay demo reveal at the show considering internally they have a demo currently up and running in testing.

While this is not much to go off of, it does give an indication of how far in development the game actually is and lets fans know when they'll next expect to hear about it. Purely speculation here, but if The Last of Us Part II is 50-60% complete, we could possibly be looking at a Spring 2019 release date - much similar to Uncharted 4: A Thief's End release window back in 2016 - and I absolutely cannot wait!

Are you looking forward to seeing The Last of Us Part II gameplay next June? Let us know down below!