Need for Speed Payback's Latest Under the Hood Details Speedlists and Multiplayer Rankings


With little under a month until the release of Need for Speed Payback, not much has been spoken about the titles online modes. As revealed in the trophy/achievement list, Speedlists are making a return, however it appeared from the list that there would be two different types of Speedlists, and today we have confirmation.

Speedlists are returning in Need for Speed Payback in two forms; Casual and Ranked. Casual works as you'd expect, however Ranked works a lot like games such as Overwatch and Counter-Strike, where you'll be measured on your skill rating in order to climb the ranks. As you win races you'll find yourself climbing the ranked ladder, however perform poorly and you'll be dropped down. There are 17 ranks for you to climb in Need for Speed Payback's Ranked Speedlist ladder;

  • Unranked
  • Student Driver
  • Sunday Driver 1
  • Sunday Driver 2
  • Sunday Driver 3
  • Joy Rider 1
  • Joy Rider 2
  • Joy Rider 3
  • Street Racer 1
  • Street Racer 2
  • Street Racer 3
  • Pro Wheelman 1
  • Pro Wheelman 2
  • Pro Wheelman 3
  • Champion
  • Master
  • Legend

In addition to a ranked system, various changes have been made to Speedlists, such as Event Voting and Loadouts.

Players will have a limited amount of votes throughout the rounds to decide on which event comes next, with players at the bottom of a Speedlists standing table getting more votes than ones at the top. 

At the beginning of each event, players will be required to pick their loadout. These are made up of one race and one off-road car which you'll pick to take with you to use in that Speedlist. Afterwards, you'll be placed into a session with other players that have a similar performance level to yours, based off of Need for Speed Payback's Tier system for vehicles.

Rewards from Speedlists come in the form of cash, REP and Performance Parts. Performance Parts however are random, and can be awarded to all players who take part and complete a speedlist, however the higher the postion you placed, the higher your chances of earning performance parts are. Playing in Ranked also grants players an Underdog Bonus if you race against others in an underpowered car.  

Need for Speed Payback launches 10th November on PS4, Xbox One and PC, or for Digital Deluxe purchasers on 7th November. Additionally, EA and Origin Access subscribers will have access to a 10 hour trial starting 2nd November.