Titanfall 2's Free Co-op Mode, Two New Maps Update Out Now


Announced last week, Titanfall 2's latest free content update is now available to download on PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Origin on PC.  

The update adds Frontier Defense, a new four player co-op horde game mode, two new maps - Rise and Township, new limited edition purchasable Weapon and Titan warpaints, as well as several new balancing fixes, which can be found in the full patch notes here.


Frontier Defense tasks players with defending a harvester through five waves of increasingly difficult enemies, allowing you to spend cash earned from defeating enemies to stock up on gear from the modes Armory. Completing Frontier Defense matches will earn you 'Aegis Ranks', a new progression system for Titans which can be used to unlock powerful upgrades that are essential for surviving higher difficulty levels. At launch, only five maps are playable in Frontier Defense mode - Homestead, Forwardbase Kodai, War Games, Rise and Blackwater Canal - which can all be played on Easy, Regular, Hard, Master or Insane difficulty levels. New maps will be added in the future, and winning 10 matches of Frontier Defense will unlock Titanfall 1 lobby and Frontier Defense music.

The first of the two new maps, Rise, is a remaster of an original Titanfall map and is also available to play in Frontier Defense mentioned above. Rise is a tight, close-quarters map in an abandoned desert reservoir, made up of towering walls, long sight lines and zip-lines for pilots to traverse while Titans fight down below. The second map, Township, is a map designed for the games Live Fire mode set in a small residential area with sparse cover for pilots. 

Additionally, new purchasable warpaints for Weapons and Titans are available. These new weapon warpaints grant players extra bonuses, including bonus XP in matches if you or another player has one equipped, and up to a 30% chance of earning a double XP token at the end of a match. The new Titan warpaints grant you and your team mates bonus Aegis XP when completing a Frontier Defense match , with up to a 4x bonus if all players in a match own one of these warpaints. Each warpaint costs $4.99 USD each, or $24.99 in a bundle for all in each category.

Does this new free content drop with co-op and new maps entice you into revisiting the world of Titanfall once again? Let us know in the comments down below.