Need for Speed Payback adds Neons, Purchasable Garages, Dealerships and More


A new trailer for Need for Speed Payback has just dropped, showcasing tons of new customization parts, cars and performance options. New cars that can be seen throughout the trailer include the 2014 Jaguar F-Type R, Camaro ZL1, Corvette Z06 (C7), Mercedes-AMG GT, Mercedes-AMG A 45, 2015 Honda Civic Type R and what appears to be a Porsche Cayman. Take a look at the trailer for yourself down below. 


A ton of news has also dropped on EA's website, detailing Car Classes, Live Tuning, Performance Customization, Vanity Item Customization, Derelict Cars, Dealerships, Garages, Part Shops and more. 

Derelict Cars

The latest article on Derelict showcases the UI for Derelicts as well as the newest edition the the derelict roster - the Chevrolet C10 Stepside Pickup truck. Once locating the chassis for one of the five derelicts, you are then tasked to find four additional parts to build up the car, which can be tracked in the garage with several clues as to where the remaining parts may be scattered around Fortune Valley.

Derelicts are cars that you build up, from nothing but scrap, to stock and ultimately supercar. But to start any Derelict project, you’re going to need to find a chassis, from there on your one of a kind ride awaits.

Once you’ve found a chassis you’ll see it in your garage, waiting for you to find the parts that make it complete. If you don’t have an open slot available you’ll be prompted to finish or cancel your existing project or acquire an additional garage.

Alongside the chassis you’ll also need to locate four other parts; wheels, drivetrain and two unique parts that are specific to your chosen Derelict build. Each of the five parts that make up a Derelict can be found hidden throughout Fortune Valley.

You’ll be able to choose one Derelict project at a time to track and by doing so you’ll find clues and pointers showing where the parts you need may be located. The exact location will be up for you to pinpoint, get out there and explore.

Car Classes

Car classes in Need for Speed Payback are broken up into five categories - Race, Off-Road, Drag, Drift and Runner. When purchasing a car, the class is determined once your purchase however not all cars can be modified into all classes, something similar to The Crew. Derelict cars, however, can be turned into all of the five classes, with most cars in Payback allowing 2-3 classes to choose from. Once you purchase a car and turn it into one of the five categories, it cannot be restored and the car is stuck to that class. The good thing is players can purchase multiple of the same car, allowing them to purchase and their favourite cars and experiment with over car classes as they wish.

The Race class turn cars into your typical street racing machines, which are required for competing in any of the street race events around Fortune Valley, being the most balanced all-rounded class for cornering and straight-line speed.

The Off-Road class turns cars into off-roading beasts, with the ability to take the action from tarmac to dirt all the while still being able to maintain speed and stability, take large jumps and stick the landing with ease. 

The Drag class turns cars into deadly powerful rockets capable of insane speeds, especially with nitrious added into the mix, built for quarter mile drag races and pulling massive wheelies as you take off from the starting line.

The Drift class allows cars to shine in the corners, especially on mountain paths and canyon roads, but are still capable of decent speeds like the Race class just not as fast. The perfect dream for the inner ricer.

Finally comes the Runner Class, the most anonymous of all other classes. The Runner class turns cars into stealthy bullets, with noticable visual differences compared to other classes such as blacked out rims, windows and paint along with lowered suspension, wide track width and no license plates - designed to be agile, precise and the best for evading the cops. 

Live Tuning

Need for Speed Payback features an improved tuning system compared to what was present in Need for Speed (2015)'s, which now allows for 'on-the-fly' tuning even when you're out in the open world. 

Each car class has its own unique set of sliders, allowing you to tune the handling of each class in the ways you’d expect. Get behind the wheel of your drag monster and change the gearing or modify the weight balance on your drift machine. Whichever choice you make you’ll always retain the integrity of your car’s class as your fine tuning.

Vanity Item and Performance Customization

Several new types of customization parts have been confirmed, including Underglow (neons), Tire Smoke, Air Suspension and Nitrous Flames. Neons have been requested in a Need for Speed game for the longest time, and have been absent in the series since Underground 2 which released almost 13 years ago. Applying air suspension to cars allows you to lower your car even further to the ground once turning off the engine. 

In terms of performance parts, they are split up into six categories; Block, Head, Turbo, Exhaust, ECU and Transmission. There are multiple ways of acquiring new parts, either by winning events which will reward you with random performance parts, or purchasing them via Part Shops with an ever-changing selection of parts.

Payback also features a "Targeted Roll" System, which gives players more choice in terms of what part they'd select but requires older, unwanted parts to be recycled. 

Overall performance is factored in tiers, with a stock car with level 1 parts being at Tier 1.0, however swapping to a car with max level (18) parts will increase the tier to Tier 3.99. Parts can also have perks equipped, which can provide bonuses in areas such as Top Speed, Acceleration, Nitrous, Braking and Air.

Dealerships, Garage and Part Shops

Dealerships are finally back in Need for Speed, and are scattered around Fortune Valley for certain types of cars. One listed on EA's website is FVX Exotics, which will be the home for purchasing exotic tier vehicles in the game. Dealerships will also be found in the world for car types such as Classic, Muscle, Rally, Sports and Sports Compact. However, not all cars will be available straight away from a dealer, and will unlock certain cars depending on how far you are in the games narrative storyline.

Part Shops also make their return in Need for Speed Payback, with what sounds to be a rotating list of parts depending on each time you visit. Parts shops will feature an array of performance parts, as well as a selection of visual parts including bonnets, spoilers, fenders and more. Part shops also give players the option to equip newly earned parts received from recent races without having to go back to the garage.

One of the biggest complaints with Need for Speed (2015) was the limited garage space, which has been addressed with multiple purchasable garages. Five garages are available throughout Fortune Valley, granting you an unlimited virtual warehouse space once all five have been purchased.

Gas Stations also make a return, which will refill your nitrous and repair any visual damage on your car.

BlackPanthaa also uploaded a video detailing every single little thing in full detail, so be sure to check that out down below and let us know what new feature you're excited about in the comments section!