Forza Developers Announce Something Everybody Already Knew


There's been a new Forza game released each year since 2011, but only now is Forza officially an annualised series according to Turn 10 Studios Software Architect Chris Tector during an interview at E3 this year.

"We have to look far enough ahead in the future to know what changes are going to come and then try to steer everybody so we're headed in the right direction," he said. "It's a big job to line up with what hardware changes are coming, what platform changes are going to come in the OS and other bits of software that we use. And how we're going to maximize that to exploit it for each game that we do."

The comment seems very held back, best assumption is that he's explaining the deal from his view perspective as the Studio Software Architect. But I think overall it marks a step forward for the Forza series in organising and planning ahead, having more of a connection between both Forza developers.

One issue that has plagued the series for a while is the disconnected feeling between both Turn 10 and Playground Games. When one developer released their game, there seemed to be a disconnect of knowledge on how a lot of features worked. An example of this would be when Turn 10 developers stream and show off the latest Horizon 3 content, unsure of everything it adds until actually playing it.

This itself isn't an issue, as a creator and consumer on YouTube I find that it's more interesting to have people experience things for the first time entertainment wise. But when you take that idea and dig deeper, for example maybe the creative director of each studio never conversate which I would feel is a bigger deal.

Either way, I feel this little step forward is bigger than it appears, I imagine it's a giant leap in the way Forza will be developed in the future. How do you feel about this?