E3 2017 | PlayStation Press Conference Predictions


Arguably the biggest and most meaty of the conferences at E3, Sony for the last two years have delivered nothing but games, games, games at their conferences, and with an already huge line up of exclusives on the way such as God of War, The Last of Us 2 and Spider-Man, as well as the marketing rights to most of 2017's biggest games including Destiny 2, Call of Duty World War II and Star Wars Battlefront II, this is definitely going to be a gaming packed conference for Sony again this year.

Opening With A Sucker Punch

It's been almost three years since we last saw Sucker Punch, with their last title being inFamous: First Light. Back in 2015, Shuhei Yoshida was saying in interviews that he had played what Sucker Punch was crafting, but since then we've still yet to see them announce anything of their new game at any of the last two E3's or PlayStation Experience's. Sucker Punch will open the show with a gameplay debut of their new IP, which will release in 2018. Based on the rumors, the game is an open-world cyberpunk style of game which will be confirmed once we see gameplay.

Swinging into Action

Spider-Man is easily one of the most exciting games that was announced at last year's E3 with an awesome trailer from Insomniac Games. Since then, all we've seen of Spider-Man is a short tech demo from the PlayStation 4 Pro reveal event but that's all. With Spider-Man already announced to be at E3 this year, we'll definitely see the game shown on stage with a gameplay demo and a release date of Spring 2018.

Father and Son of War

God of War is undoubtedly one of the biggest franchises in PlayStation history, with the announcement of the latest game at E3 met with an epic orchestra opening and a massive billboard currently up in LA for this E3. Again, another game we've not seen anything of in over a year at this point so we'll definitely get new gameplay footage, and considering how creative director Cory Barlog stated at the beginning of this year the entire game was playable from start to finish, expect a release date of late November this year being Sony's big fall game.

Days Gone By

Days Gone was revealed at E3 last year, with the only thing we've seen of it since was a short tech demo at the PlayStation 4 Pro reveal. This is a game myself personally have been super excited to see more of, with an insane demo last year of protagonist Deacon triggering a horde of hundreds of freakers chasing him through a massive train yard. The more the demo went through, the more intense it got, with it building to a final stand trapped on a water tower. However, this demo didn't show off enough of its core gameplay and was quite unpolished in terms of gun sounds and animations. With the Deacon actor confirming Days Gone will be at E3 this year in a big way, expect a demo on stage again with a release date of early 2018.

Becoming Human

Detroit Become Human is the newest game coming from Heavy Rain developer, Quantic Dream. It was originally announce in Paris Games Week in 2015, and shown a gameplay/trailer demo last year at E3. With the developers already teasing they'll be at E3, with a picture containing text saying "Hold on, just a little while longer". We'll definitely get new gameplay on stage, with a release date of either October 2017 or early 2018.

Legacy of the Lost

Uncharted: The Lost Legacy originally starting out as a DLC expansion for Uncharted 4, the game has grown into a huge mini-Uncharted spin off, starring fan favourite Chloe Frazer and Uncharted 4 villain, Nadine Ross.  With the game already confirmed for an August 22nd release, we'll see a new trailer on stage to remind people why to be excited for the game.

The 3rd Party Deals

PlayStation has the marketing deals for some of the biggest games coming out this year with Call of Duty World War II, Destiny 2 and Battlefront II. Here we'll see our first look at gameplay of World War II's campaign, a strike mission from Destiny 2's story and gameplay from Battlefront II's story mode, with details on betas for all three of these games. 

One Last Thing....

Naughty Dog are known for usually closing a PlayStation press conference, and this year will be no exception. We will see a new look of The Last of Us Part II tonight, whether it will be a short trailer or gameplay, we will definitely see something huge and exciting from them to close the show!