Watch Dogs 3 First Story and Gameplay Details Leaked, Set In Futuristic London


Watch Dogs 3 has been heavily rumoured for quite some time, with rumours circulating for months that the title will be set in London and release later this year. However, a post on the Watch Dogs subreddit has revealed more about the game, including its protagonist, story, gameplay mechanics, release date and more.

The post featured a screenshotted image outlining various new details about Watch Dogs 3, with more confirmation the game will take place in London however will be set in the near-future. The main protagonist is a woman named Sarah, a half-Asian, half-British woman working for an anti-terrorist organisation, with the main plot focusing on her working undercover to take down a hacker group.

Watch Dogs 3 will not feature guns or knives as original rumours indicated, but instead more non-lethal melee weapons such as batons and tasers. Parkour will be returning from Watch Dogs 2, though more revised to feel fluid and more natural, in addition to being able to ride skateboards and graffiti. Side missions will include taking down drug dens, and open-world side activites such as mobs and riots will occur randomly where the player can chose to take part or shut them down.


The post also claims that the title will get a gameplay reveal at Ubisoft’s E3 Press Conference in June and that Ubisoft will reveal the title two weeks before the event, so expect an official reveal on Watch Dogs 3 later this week if this is indeed true. The game is expected to launch in November, much like the previous entry in the series.

With all the leaks and rumours surrounding Watch Dogs 3 for the past few months, its fair to say these details are legit but still take them with a grain of salt for now until we get the alleged official reveal of Watch Dogs 3 soon (Trust us, we’re tired of only talking about rumours too).

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