The Crew 2 New LIVE Summits and Exclusive Rewards Announced


Ivory Tower have revealed the next batch of LIVE Summits coming to The Crew 2 starting next week, with another exclusive vehicle for players to get their hands on.

Over the past three months since the release of the LIVE Summit, players have been able to compete in a weekly rotating list of challenges for exclusive prices. This week marks the end of what Ivory Tower are calling their first batch of LIVE Summits, with Batch #2 kicking off on July 24th.


With the start of Batch #2 brings brand new exclusive rewards and a reward car for Platinum achievers to grind for - the Mitsubishi Lancer Evo X Black Knight Special Edition, rewarded to Platinum medal holders in the Road Samurai Summit.

LIVE Summits are also seeing a reward change, with players who achieve Bronze in a Summit (essentially completing one challenge) will now earn 300,000 Followers at the end of the Summit, with Special Summits now offering 400,000 Followers.

While its great to see new changes to the LIVE Summit, it is disappointing to see the first reward vehicle be a re-coloured Red Fury Edition and not one of the previously shown Reward Cars such as the Ford Focus RS or Audi RS5.

Whats interesting to note is their are no details on the Summit starting on August 21st, which is during Gamescom. Could we see the reveal of new LIVE Summits or a potential expansion during Gamescom this year? Be sure to stay tuned, as we will be attending Gamescom this year so except extensive coverage from us!