The Crew 2's July DLC Cars and New Patch Details Revealed


During their second 'Live from Ivory Tower' community livestream, Ivory Tower have revealed  The Crew 2's first DLC vehicles as a part of their monthly post-launch content drop and new details about their next update. 

The two new vehicles are the Ferrari FXX K and KTM X-BOW R, with the Ferrari FXXK originally revealed and speculated to be as apart of the first vehicle content drop as it first appeared Season Pass and Post-Launch Content reveal trailer.

These vehicles will be available for Season Pass owners a week early on 25th July and will be available for free with no in-game purchase required, while non season pass owners will be able to purchase them in-game on 1st August.

The Ferrari FXXK will be available in the Touring Car Discipline and the KTM X-BOW R will be available in the Street Race Discipline. The Ferrari FXXK will cost $800,000 and KTM X-BOW R will cost $300,000 in-game bucks for people who do not own the season pass.

These vehicles will be including in The Crew 2's July Update patch which will be available at 10AM Paris time (4am EDT) on PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC. A short maintenance downtime will occur at the same time to improve server stability and is expected to last 60 minutes.

This patch primarily focuses on addressing various bugs and issues rather than adding new features, however new content and features are promised for future updates with their next big update coming in September with the Gator Rush expansion. Some of the key highlights in the Patch 1.0.3 update are: 

  • Coop scoring disciplines & Dynamic Freestyle exploits
  • Several cases of Icon levels missing rewards
  • Unable to save favourite vehicle
  • Increased fame needed per icon level
  • Increased Epic Loot drop (Purple) in Hard level events

During a Q&A towards the end of the stream, Fergus confirmed new races will be added later each quarter (three months) update and will be added to all disciplines such as Rally Raid and Hyper Car. Fergus also revealed that the team are also having discussions about potentially adding The Crew 1's GPS system (blue line in the sky) to the game.

You can view the full list of patch notes down over on The Crew 2's official website.