The Crew 2 Hot Shots Update Announced, Adds The Summit, New Vehicles and More

TC2 Hotshots.png

Ivory Tower have officially revealed their third major post-launch update for The Crew 2 - Hot Shots, a community-focused update which sees the return of The Summit from The Crew Wild Run alongside new vehicles and more to be revealed closer to release.

Revealed on their latest Live From Ivory Tower Twitch liveshow, one of the biggest features in the Hot Shots update is the return of fan-favourite The Summit, originally added to The Crew with the Wild Run expansion in 2015.

The Crew 2’s take on The Summit, known as The LIVE Summit, features weekly PvE competition for players to take part in, with thematic playlists of nine activities each curated around unique events and disciplines.


Each weekly Live Summit will feature: 3 Skills, 4 events with unique modifiers to fit the week’s theme, a brand new event and a special event that combines a track/playground with vehicles from different disciplines. One of these special events were shown during the stream, showcasing Touring Cars competing in a street race event during a snowstorm.

As you progress through a Live Summit, you’ll climb the leaderboards based on how you perform in all nine activities - with unique rewards for which ever place you rank, from Bronze, Silver, Gold and Platinum. Obtaining a platinum rank will always earn you an exclusive reward, with the last Live Summit of each month rewarding an exclusive vehicle.


Unlike PvP, your vehicle levels and affixes are enabled for Live Summit activities, making it crucial to enter these events using only the best of the best vehicles from your garage to ensure you come out on top.

Certain Live Summit’s will require specific vehicles which you can track on the Summit calendar, however if you do not own a certain vehicle you will not be able to compete.

Finally, Ivory Tower ended the stream with a tease of one of the vehicles coming in the next update: A Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution X ‘Red Fury’ Special Edition - complete with a crazy body kit and custom red tire smoke and headlights (new vanity item customization?). The teaser ends with a message saying “Mitsubishi Motors are coming to The Crew 2”.


While the rest of the Hot Shots updates’ contents are yet to be revealed, I can almost guarantee that the Red Fury Evo X will be a Live Summit exclusive reward, with the standard Evo X and perhaps several other Mitsubishi’s available to purchase from the discipline hubs.

The Crew 2 Hot Shots update will be available next month on April 24th and will be free for all players. Are you excited to see the return of The Summit in The Crew 2? How about that crazy looking Evo X? Share your thoughts on this update down below!