The Crew 2 Gator Rush Expansion Release Date and Content Revealed


With Gamescom 2018 kicking off this week, Ivory Tower have revealed new details and a release date for its upcoming Gator Rush expansion for The Crew 2 including five new vehicles, a new rarity level and more.

Launching at the end of next month on September 26th, the Gator Rush update is the first of many free updates available for all The Crew 2 players which promises to expand the experience with exciting new content. 

One of the biggest highlights of the Gator Rush expansion is the addition of a new discipline - Hovercraft. The Hovercraft discipline is a brand new discipline for the Off-road family, with races taking place on both water and land in iconic spots around the United States, from the lush and muggy Bayous to the crystal-clear waters of the Western lakes.

Five new vehicles are being added with the release of Gator Rush. Three new Hovercrafts will be available to earn or purchase with in-game credits: BumblebeeX, Double L-EEX and Speedster. The Ariel Nomad Rally Raid and the XK Armored (an additional hovercraft) are available for season pass holders seven days early with all other players getting access on October 3rd. 

Gator Rush also adds a brand new difficulty level: Ace Mode. All 130+ events in The Crew 2 are taken to the next level and are now supposedly even harder, requiring you to first beat the event on both Normal and Hard.

As previously announced, the new Legendary loot rarity is being added with Gator Rush and awards better performance and exclusive affix bonuses through completing events on Ace difficulty. 

Finally, Gator Rush will add 20+ new events across Hypercar, Touring Car and Jetsprint, as well as a brand new Live Xtrem Series event for players to complete containing Rally Cross, Hypercar and Hovercraft segments. New skills will also be added to the open world for multiple disciplines.

What are you most excited for with this update? Are you keen to get your hands on the brand new hovercrafts, or are you more excited to grind The South Strip once more and max out your favourite cars with Legendary parts? Let us know your thoughts down below!