The Crew 2 To Feature Purchasable Apartments and Garages?


The Crew 2 will feature purchasable apartments and garages, and new social areas called 'hub spaces', as confirmed by a recent preview from Eurogamer.

Each major city in The Crew 2 will feature a hub space, presumably similar to how The Crew had garages and dealerships in five main cities around the United States, which players can walk around in first-person, view and interact with their vehicles, as well as view online players in real-time from the hub space similar to Grand Theft Auto Online. 

These Hub Spaces are similar to the Summit introduced in The Crew: Wild Run, however now allow players the option to freely walk and explore this time around. Apartments and Garages are different, property spaces for players to store cars but allow the same first-person exploration as the hub spaces. 

"Among The Crew 2's quieter touches are its hub spaces, sprawling apartments-cum-garages where you can wander around in first-person, drooling over the shiny hotrods in your possession and fiddling with their innards. There appears to be one of these hubs for each major city, and rather brilliantly, they have a real-time presence in the world. Gaze out across the New York coast as the sun rises and you might spot a few of your online friends, racing down the dock in powerboats."

Apartments and Garages sound very familiar to Test Drive Unlimited - a series that The Crew 2's Creative Director Stephane Beley originally worked on - in which you could purchase houses to store vehicles and gave you the freedom to walk around, interact with your vehicles, customize your house's interior and hang out with online friends. 

While it is unknown what you can do inside apartments and garages in The Crew 2, we presume based on how similar it is to Test Drive Unlimited and Grand Theft Auto, that they will be purchasble property that features interior customization and players can invite their online friends to visit.

Recently, Ivory Tower begun a new social media reveal series called 'Motorsport Vehicles Series', where each week, a new vehicle from The Crew 2 will be revealed and showcased - similar to Need for Speed Payback's Build of the Week series from last year. You can check out the first two reveals here.

The Crew 2 launches on June 29th for PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC, and three days earlier on June 26th for purchasers of the Gold and Motor Editions.