Test Drive Unlimited 3 Practically Confirmed By BigBen Interactive

It's been almost two years since we first heard news that publisher BigBen Interactive own the rights to the Test Drive Unlimited series, however it seems all but confirmed that a Test Drive Unlimited 3 is in development.

Earlier today it was reported by GamesIndustry.biz that BigBen Interactive has acquired the Paris-based studio Kylotonn Racing (aka KT Racing), responsible for the WRC series, TT Isle of Man and the recent V-Rally 4.

However, whats interesting is that "Test Drive Unlimited" is included in the list of brands mentioned in BigBen Interactive's official press release that KT Racing are working with.

“We are proud to become fully part of the Bigben group for which we have developed games for more than 10 years. The longstanding cooperation with Bigben, a token for stable and smooth relations between the teams, our specialization on 2 wheel and 4 wheel off-road racing games as well as the use of prestigious brands WRC, Isle of Man TT, V-Rally, and Test Drive Unlimited represent competitive advantages for the Group that our integration will strengthen.”


This all but confirms that a new Test Drive Unlimited game is in development with what currently points to Kylotonn Racing being the developer behind the project.

Kylotonn have worked under BigBen for years, so its possible TDU3 may have been in development since the original rumours began to circulate, with the acquisition essentially confirming it.

For now though, we'll have to continue to wait until an official announcement is made by BigBen before we start getting excited. Do you think Kylotonn would be a good studio to develop Test Drive Unlimited 3? Let us know down below!