Rockstar Games Announces New PC Launcher with Free GTA San Andreas


In a world filled with countless PC game launchers, Rockstar seems to be taking a slice at the proverbial pie and have announced today their own launcher featuring their own Rockstar-published titles.

The Rockstar Games launcher is available to download now for Windows platforms, and even comes with a free copy of the cult-classic GTA San Andreas. You can download the Rockstar Games Launcher here if you wish to snag this limited-time offer.

While this seems like a cool idea and a sweet opportunity for a free game, I wonder what this might mean for the future of Rockstar’s games on PC, more so the inevitable Red Dead Redemption 2 port. Could the untimely release of this launcher and current RDR2 PC rumours be signalling a release exclusively on Rockstars new launcher?

Additionally, what might happen to currently released games over on Steam and other platforms such as GTA V? Will Rockstar pull an Epic Games and pull games from Steam to sell exclusively through the new launcher? Time will tell, but hey for now at least we get a free copy of GTA San Andreas!