ONRUSH's First Content Update Adds New Gear, Training Mode and More


After almost a month from release, ONRUSH is getting its first free content update - adding a slew of new content and features including a brand new training mode, new character outfits and tombstones, new photo mode features and more.

Revealed on Twitter by ONRUSH's Creative Director Paul Rustchynsky, ONRUSH's first content update is now available on PlayStation 4 and will be available on Xbox One next week. The patch size is a minuscule 465MB's and is packed with new content and features. 

The highlights of ONRUSH's Game Update 2.0 can be found below:


These are some great new additions and well-needed improvements, especially the quicker respawn times. While I've not made a review on ONRUSH just yet, this was an area that I felt was definitely infuriating in time-restricted game modes, and am glad to see improvements be made in this area!

Are you keen on this new ONRUSH update? More content updates are expected to come throughout the year, with ONRUSH's competitive Ranked Play mode still to be released.

ONRUSH is available now on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, with a PC version expected to release sometime later this year with all current and future content updates packed in with it.