ONRUSH Stampede Gameplay Footage Revealed, New AI System Details


Codemasters have today revealed a directors cut version of their recent ONRUSH 'The Stampede is Coming', showcasing an exclusive first look at ONRUSH gameplay from the player's perspective. 

The gameplay is narrated by ONRUSH's Game Director Paul Rustchynsky, who describes the process of how the team managed to craft 'The Stampede is Coming' trailer. You can check out the gameplay on Sanctuary Shores - one of ONRUSH's many chaotic playgrounds - for yourself on their YouTube channel down below.

New details over on the Codemasters Blog have also revealed new details on ONRUSH's racer AI system known as Fodder, and how many you can go up against in a race. 

Fodder are neutral AI vehicles that are always in the action, with their sole purpose to create some carnage and offer the player a chance to take them down for an instant hit of boost. Up to 12 fodder are in each race, giving you plenty of opportunities throughout a race to take them down for a quick catch-up.

Watching this gameplay is extremely reminiscent of the adrenaline-fueled mayhem of its spirtual predecessor Motorstorm, and I cannot be anymore excited for June to finally roll around! If you missed any of our previous ONRUSH coverage, be sure to click here to find out more on the game's eight unique car classes, customization, and the original Stampede is Coming trailer.