Need for Speed Payback's Next Major Update Adds The Fiat Punto


A new update has been announced for Need for Speed Payback, bringing with it the legendary Nobed Motor Vehicle of Choice - The Fiat Punto Grande

The update was announced earlier today over on the Need for Speed social media channels and will be called 'Need for Speed: Traffic Jam'. Not much is known about the Traffic Jam update, but we can safely expect the highly requested feature of having more than one traffic car spawn on the road be apart of the new update.

We managed to do some cyber sleuthing on the Need for Speed website once this announcement went live, and managed to find a hidden message from community manager Ben Walke in the script-code revealing that the Fiat Punto Grande will be included in the Traffic Jam Update. 


Based on the image included in the secret coding, Novitec customization parts will be available for the Fiat Punto Grande, as well as the 'Need for Speed' and 'The Alchemist' custom-designed parts by Ghost.

This new addition to the car list definitely proves Ghost are listening to their community, as the Fiat Punto has been a car we've been requesting get added for a very long time. We owe the inclusion of the Fiat Punto to Ben Walke, who no doubt suggested this to the vehicle designers at Ghost as a final hoo-rah before he departs the NFS community for Star Wars. 


What are you thoughts so far on the Fiat Punto being added into Need for Speed Payback, and what other extremely slow cars are you hoping to see added in the Traffic Jam update? Let us know down below.